Sunday, February 1, 2015

artist in residence events

Gary Lawless will be the artist in residence at Beech Hill from June 21 to July 25, 2015. Gary is a poet, and will be coordinating a number of poetry-related events at Beech Hill. All events are free and open to the public. Here is a schedule of the events so far. Please check back, as the schedule will probably change as events are added.
All events are at the Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport, Maine:
June 21 - Summer Solstice Gathering 630-800 PM
June 23 - Birdsong/Poetry walk with Kristen Lindquist - Coastal Mountains Development Director, poet and avid birder 7-9 AM (check out her poetry blog here
July 1 - Beech Nut Open House 1000-200
July 2 - Full Moon Poetry and Tea event - 7 PM
July 7 - poetry walk - starts from Beech Hill Road Trailhead 10 AM
July 14 Poetry walk for children and families - starts from Beech Hill Road Trailhead 10 AM
July 18 -Beech Nut open house 1000-200
July 21 - poetry walk - starts from Beech Hill Road Trailhead 10 AM
July 28 - blueberry walk - starts from Beech Hill Road Trailhead 10 AM

During the residency period there will be an ongoing poetry log at Beech Nut, for every visitor to have the opportunity to add a word, an image, a line, a poem, a drawing to a collaborative poem. There will also be an ongoing project to create a poetry map of the Preserve - a map of word images placed on actual locations on the map - what did you see, feel, hear, smell, think - and where were you in the Preserve - using storytelling as a mapping tool - embedding stories in the landscape - introducing new layers of stratification to the map, enhancing each other's experience of the place thru new ways of seeing and experiencing - transforming the place thru the power of words.
(for example - these notes from an earlier visit to Beech Hill -
this is where the hawk
touched my heart
this is where i
first saw water
here the wood lily, here
two crows there
three islands
here is where the fog
first touched my skin)
There is also the opportunity to contribute poems of your own, featuring or responding to Beech Hill, on this poetry blog. Please scroll down to see the poems already received.
And if you want to see what the birds are doing on Beech Hill, go to Brian Willson's incredible blog here

We are interested in collaborative projects as well, with painters, photographers, map makers, poets... Please feel welcome to contribute.
We hope to see you on the Hill!