Sunday, August 2, 2015

more writing from the Beech Hill Journal - July 25-Aug 2

(August 2, Public Blueberry Pick)

our dear Lab
now ten years old
comes up the hill in the heat or cold
smiling wild
still steady gait
stops at each turn
torn and wait

the sun is shining warm
and the wind is softly blowing
white triangles cross the ocean blue
when I see the ocean
it makes me feel calm
when I see the flowers
they make me feel green
Beech Hill is peaceful
place to be.

there are poems inside of you
that paper cannot handle -

(but darling there are galaxies inside of you)

if everyone could see
the way the sea blends
into the horizon
that's how you can believe
in forever
I like picking blueberries
and having them burst
into my mouth, a mere
taste of Maine
here on the hill overlooking
the scene of Maine.

a view from Beech Hill
green rolling to the blue sea
Forever Maine

misty morning
foggy thoughts
hot coffee
to clear it up -
floral pants
silver rings
a few of my
favorite things

For some reason every time the blue
berries come I'm an
other year older.
I guess I could break the cycle by
changing my birthday
to some different day -
but how do I know the blueberries
won't find out and change
their birthdays too?

I love the breeze in my hair
the beautiful scenery gave
my breath away
the blueberries looked delicious
and ready to eat
I loved the things at
Beech Hill, on a hot
summer day.

walking in circles
startled by my own footprints
who was I, just then?

Bay water
still as glass
pine trees
wild flowers and
birdsong stillness
all here. all for me.


all day at Pen Bay Hospital
now sky, sea, birdsong

we love the sunsets
and the pretty sky
we don't mind a few bites
we still have a great time.


Misty thoughts
fog the horizon in
my mind

on a clear day
the sea's waves are never-ending
drifting to an unknown shore

Today my winded thoughts
are foggy on the coastline
the wind rustles the pages
of my mind -

turkey vultures
riding thermals
forever ocean
forever blue sky
good bye