Tuesday, July 14, 2015

more writing from the Beech Hill journal, july 7-21

More writing from the ongoing poetry project, written in the journal at the top of Beech Hill, these pieces from July 7-14

May I possess love and kindness
May I be well
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be happy

The sea reminds me of
my time in space
There are so many unknowns.
I am sure we have not
discovered its offerings
and probably never will.
Ocean discovery is exciting.

This is a beautiful place to come
and unwind from your life's
demands and problems -
a place to feel the wind
blowing softly by -
the flowers tall and small
releasing their refreshing scents
the ocean so calm and still
the mountains so tall and green
makes me feel at peace among
this beautiful land
that was created by the best
artist ever,
God bless you all.

I wanted to write
about the sea
but instead jotted
down things about
you and me.

Beyond Beech Hill

Schooners sailed past
the life they knew
was before them
and Penobscot Bay welcomed them

She rested against a stone pillar
and professed her desire to stay
but we both knew it couldn't be
for adults don't live fairy tales.

But as the sun retreated
and the blueberries strained
for its final attention
we kissed, long and tender,
and we knew our love
would last, beyond Beech Hill.

the ocean - many creatures
in it , the boats sail
upon its surface, and islands
all spread out, the ocean
that's beautiful, the ocean that's
near me.

I see blue
blue skies
blue eyes
and when i'm lucky
blueberry pies
therefore I cannot deny
my favorite color
to view, reminds
me of you and
the sea where
you can find me

Even in the haze the wood lilies glow
towhees trill
three sailboats make their way
up the bay
for a moment
I am alone on the hill
berries ripen around me

there once was a girl named Molly
she was joyous, happy, so jolly -
Miss Molly had a friend named Kate
their friendship was a glorious fate
one day atop Beech Hill
as they both sat and
enjoyed the still
they sat awhile until
they had their fill
then down the road they went
enjoying the time they had spent
twas their appetites they needed to tame
so they ventured off to "Long Grain"

blueberries - tiny, sweet, low, round
sod-roofed stone house
ocean, islands, lake
breeze, sun,
memories past and present

we chat and laugh and nibble our way
up the hill
like so many times before
and before and before

and, as always, at the top, a quiet comes.
in it I am grateful for all of it
like before
and before and before

Coastal Breeze

The cool coast breeze with
the warm sunny sun absorbing
itself on my peeling skin
the green grass with the
peaceful water sitting like
a blanket on a baby. Birds
chirping all around my tender
ears with my long blonde
hair in my face and facing
north near the water. I miss
my dog back home and
got here in my large black
flipflops and a skull top.
Too bad there is no hammock
here - if so I would be here
for hours and hours.


folks who know Maine
the sea, the coast,
the green hills, the morning
birds calling

quiet, humble people
clean, kind town
sailboats, dinghies,
lobster traps

fresh mountain air
back roads bike rides

Beech Hill House

Beech Hill House saved me.
in my youth I was lost
in my little yellow house on Old Rockland Street
I'd read in a tree and think
"who am I?"
I'd bike trying to find it.
I'd read trying to find it.
In all my endeavors I was lost.
From my binoculars I found Beech Hill House.
I made the trek. I walked up.
I saw the world around me.
It was here I found my purpose -
I found that no matter how lonely I feel
there is a great world around me
to make me feel at home.

It's time to make a little poem
asking people not to litter -
No Sir, No'm
we walked up here enjoying much beauty
only to find broken bottles and trash
so we do our duty
keeping the world tidy
is what we do
when it comes to taking care
how about you?

endless summer days
waves crashing against jagged rocks
warm sun
gentle water
fish as colorful as a rainbow
fresh smells

what can you see at the top of Beech Hill?
I can see a sailboat and I can see grass
I see a blueberry
What do you see at the top of Beech Hill?

Beech Hill, hill of Happiness
forget my cares
yay spaciousness

I see it
I love it
the boats
the waves
the ocean
the ocean

walking up the mountain
I see the flowers
I love them
They are pretty.

morning fog a
dense salt cloud
wood lily a bright
light from the lower worlds


water's green
ocean swells
I love how the crabs
dive into the ocean
the dogs swim
the seagulls fly
and the swallowtails land
really silently
you try to catch them
but they are too fast for you
swell up tent
fishes catch
go home, you've met your match
fishes swimming in the water
the fishes know you're in the ocean

a glacial urge to move
to rest here, in the sun,
fog, rain and wind.

blueberries on the bush
wood lily on a stem
meadow on a hill
all of nature in my heart

foggy with a sweet smell
I struggle to come up with words
as I desire to take it all in

100 % perfect day, gentle breeze
blueberries in my tummy
see more sails than motors
wild flowers of every color
calls of crows and meadowlarks
friend on cell phone - a signal even here -

blueberries are blue
wood lilies are orange
(this poem is sad
because nothing rhymes with orange)

shimmering sea
majestic mountain
whispering woods
fantasys flowers
blue-est blueberries
stony path
bitter breeze
splendid summer

I saw a frog.
I saw a lot of birch trees.


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