Wednesday, July 29, 2015

poetry walk - july 28 -

Beech Hill

turkey vultures slowly spiral
in thermals that rise
from blueberry fields that lie
either side of the gravel road that climbs
up to an old stone shelter that sits
on top of a hill in Maine that looks
over a blue ocean bay and beckons
to pilgrims who eagerly scan
the fields for wildflowers or peer
into copses for glimpses of birds that spin
songs into a morning mist that vanishes
under the hot July sun that will burn
still bright in some pilgrim's winter dream.

Robert Pring


Eating wild blueberries on Beech Hill - Maine -
A true story

An Egyptian Princess from outer space
one day
decided to visit Beech Hill.
She decided she liked blueberries so much
she couldn't quite get her fill.

So she thought about blueberries
in other forms
she could have on her way back through space:
gelato, blue yogurt, and ice cream -
Oh My!
and a smile then came over her face!

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